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The Most Popular Ford SUV's Of 2018

Ford is a leading car manufacturer that innovates and introduces new technology in its vehicles every year. 2018 is no different. Ford has once again designed, innovated and stepped up its game in automobile production. The consumer can choose from a range of products that have proven to be successful.Among others, Ford is a leading SUV manufacturer with an aim to build cars that are comfortable, technology led, safe and suitable for the consumers ‘needs. If the consumer is aware of their car needs, purchasing comes easy. Read below to meet the three popular 2018 SUVs from Ford.
What is new in 2018?
Alexa in your car: The 2018 model of cars bring to you the Ford + Alexa app that allows you to bring Alexa with you, gives access to voice navigation, traffic information and even lets you control supported smart home devices.
The most popular Ford SUVs:
1.2018 Ford Eco Sport: The Ford Eco Sport is a first of its compact SUV. This car was built to for those who have the spirit of adventur…
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In Search Of Cheap Gas Prices

Right now there is no such thing as cheap gas prices. Fuel prices continue to climb and there is no relief in sight. The ramifications of the rising cost of fuel spill into our everyday lives. People are looking for alternatives to paying outrageous amounts of money just to make everyday jaunts to work or to the store.

Many individuals believe that people are at their best when things are at their worst. The lack of cheap gas prices has people showing their good sides. Some people are sharing rides to work with coworkers and with others who work nearby. Carpools are emerging in record numbers and hopefully the practice will continue after cheap gas prices emerge once more.

Some are also using a system known as park-and-ride. People drive to a parking area and wait for public transportation to take them into the city. This makes the commute to work far less taxing on the individual’s pocketbook. Even with the cost of public transportation to consider the high cost of fuel still takes m…

Top 5 Tips In Buying A Car

A car is one of the most important purchase someone makes. It is important for a rational consumer to learn how to buy the best cars for themselves. According to the National Automobile Drivers Association, the average price of a new car in the United States is $30,000. Therefore, it is also important to learn how to get a good deal on cars. Here are some tips and pointers that you as buyers can remember while purchasing a car.

1.Always do your research: The first step is to decide what kind of car you want and what is the budget you have available for buying a car. With this basic information decided, begin your search for the best deal. The easiest way to do this is to get on the internet. There are multiple websites that offer details of different car models. A range of reviews and consumer feedback can also be found online. Other than this, shop around and talk to dealers and current consumers.
2.Take your time and time it right: Buying a car is a big investment. Just like any ot…

The Future Of The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Each decade, automotive giants have made leaps and bounds in the advancements that have made the industry what it is today. The journey has been long and tedious but still going. With the help of great leaders, the industry is constantly evolving. What does the future of the automotive industry look like?
The answer is – It looks electrifying. The 2018 North American auto show is the best example for this. As automakers and enthusiasts gathered for this, the story of electric, sustainable and luxurious cars being the future of the automotive industry was written. Tesla is not the only company working towards building electric cars. Other big names such as Ford, BMW, Nissan, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen are also investing in electric cars. Volvo cars announced that every vehicle the company introduces from 2019 will either be a hybrid or full battery charged.
Creating fuel-efficient rides is not the only thing automot…

Basic Tips On Saving Gas Mileage

There are some basic steps that you can take to make sure that you are getting the best gas mileage out of your vehicle. Whether you have a brand new car or if you have an old vehicle these steps can help you get the best mileage out of your fuel purchases. The following tips are supported by the Federal Trade Commission and are tried and true options for the everyday car owner.

Make sure that you drive more efficiently on the road. This includes obeying the speed limit. Your gas mileage will significantly improve if you drive a little slower and if you drive the appropriate speed limit for the conditions of the road. Gas mileage plunges drastically once the odometer reaches an excess of sixty miles per hour. The faster you drive the more gasoline you burn. This is common sense.

Aggressive driving will also take a toll on the miles per gallon you get out of your vehicle. Aggressive driving includes driving too closely to the vehicle in front of you. If you are constantly making sudde…

Tricks To Keeping Your Battery And Engine Healthy

Battery and engine failures are the most common auto maintenance issue that vehicles face. Most often, it is the driving habits that cause engine issues and battery failure more than anything else. A battery may be small but it carries the biggest job. This is evident to anyone because, without battery, the car cannot function at all. The battery is the core that essentially converts a chemical reaction into electrical energy that is required for all of your car’s functions. It also stabilizes the voltage of electric energy supplied to the car, always ensuring that a healthy balance is maintained. This stability helps keep the people in the vehicle safe.
Understand that the battery in a vehicle is designed to start the engine and all the electrical components. The alternator then takes over once the engine is started and in turn, maintains the charge on the battery making it ready for the next time you start the vehicle. Extreme temps can have an adverse effect on the batteries abil…

The Journey of Ford Motors

Henry Ford began the journey of Ford motors in the year 1903. Since the incorporation of the organization, Ford motors has grown to become one of the biggest players in the automotive industry. In the past 100 plus years, Ford has been successful pushing limits in automotive technology and in introducing cars that have gained the loyalty of millions of consumers.
FUN FACT!! The very first Ford sold was to Dr. Pfennig in 1903, for a grand total of $850. The "Model A" had a 2-cylinder engine and could reach a max speed of 30 mph